Tennessee Gunns, The Tobacco Barn

Anticipated novel, by Tennessee Gunns

A fictional novel based in Savannah, Georgia, where the legend  Mickey Starr, befriended musician, Volt Hendricks. Through some wild adventures of faith and romance, the Tobacco Barn takes you into the life of Mickey Starr, from his early life to his misadventures lives are change. He finds his brother and finds trouble along his side. 

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Tennessee Gunns

Love, romance, Savannah

Looking forward to the new release of the The Tobacco Barn and High West Lady in 2019. 

Takes place in beautiful Savannah, GA.

The exciting novel takes place in the Low Country, where adventure, love, and challenges are faced in the Tobaco Barn. 

Tennessee Gunns. Faith. Hope. Love.

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Savannah, Georgia

When Mickey Starr has internal battle of faith, he brings together friends that change his perspectives on life. 

Anticipated publication...

Narrator Mickey tells a great story, to strengthen faith and test love. 

The action keeps you turning the pages

"Readers will enjoy a great story, one that touches their heart."

This will be a series of books ...

I look forward to sharing my romance and wild characters< I expect readers will be entertained through storytelling. Follow the brand of Tennessee Gunns. 

The story takes place in Savannah...

 “Love is the oldest emotion on earth, and most vital to  shaping others,” says Tennessee Gunns.


When can we expect the novel? 

If all goes well, it will be available in 2019.